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Your contributions have helped make PHSC graduates' achievements possible. From scholarships to enhanced learning opportunities, your generosity equips students with the tools to ignite creativity, inquiry and discovery.


You can make a significant impact on a student by establishing or contributing to a scholarship through the PHSC Foundation.

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Where to Give:

ANNUAL SCHOLARSHIP FUND: Named Annual Scholarships can be created with a minimum donation of $1,300. Annual scholarships make an immediate impact, but must be funded each year in order to be awarded to students. 


ENDOWED SCHOLARSHIP FUND: An endowment is a fund of money given to the Foundation wherein the principle is permanently kept and invested. The annual return or interest is used to help the College provide an excellent education to qualifying students, regardless of need. The minimum gift to endow a named scholarship is $15,000. You can also contribute to an existing endowment or make a non-endowed scholarship gift.


THE GENERAL SCHOLARSHIP FUND: Your donations will be pooled with those of others to provide maximum impact for students in need. 


SPECIFIC PROGRAM/DEPARTMENT: When you give to the Pasco-Hernando State College Foundation you can direct your gift to a specific department or program that is of special interest to you. 


SPONSOR AN EVENT: The PHSC Foundation provides several opportunities for sponsorships that allow donors to marketing goals and gain exposure to our large network of students, employees, partners, and alumni. Sponsorship opportunities include:

Foundation annual fundraising events 

Foundation publications 

College sponsored events 


Find out more about how to make a planned gift to PHSC, or fill out the form below to make an immediate impact. Questions? Contact us at 727-816-3410, or by email at


When you establish a named annual or endowed scholarship, you can determine criteria for the student(s) selected, such as major, minimum GPA, county of residence, or financial need. You also can honor or memorialize a loved one, or showcase your support of education by naming the scholarship for a loved one or for your business. The PHSC Foundation will work with you to determine criteria that match your goals.

Scholarship recipients are matched through our online application process and selected by the College's Scholarship Committee, a cross-section of staff and faculty members. Donors will be notified in writing of the each semester's recipient. Scholarship donors are invited to attend our annual Heart of Gold Luncheon, where we celebrate donor impact, and you can meet scholarship recipients, or the Foundation can arrange a meeting with your scholarship student.  

The Foundation has over 200 Endowed Scholarships and about 40 Annual Scholarship funds, which awarded over $900,000 in scholarships to nearly 900 students last year. However, the need in our communities continues to grow, as do the costs of tuition and fees. The average cost of tuition and books for a full-time student is more than $4,000 per year, and 70% of PHSC students require financial aid. Financial support can be the deciding factor in a student's ability to achieve the dream of higher education and a sustainable future.  

Please contact us at 727-816-3410, or for more information, or to get started setting up your fund.