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The PHSC Office of Disabilities Services helps provide accommodations for students with disabilities and neurological conditions which could otherwise interfere with their learning and academic success. Without support services, many of these students drop out in frustration, never achieving their college or career goals, or a sustainable livelihood. Students receiving accommodations, however, have higher retention and completion rates, and higher GPA's than the greater student population.

We are working hard to provide accommodations to all students who are in need of help, even though testing to document the need can be expensive. Access to Success provides for the testing needed for low-income students to break down the barrier to academic success, through donations from private individuals and community partners. These supports are often small but make a big difference. Examples of accommodations include: tutoring, class substitutions, sign language interpreters, recording equipment, reduced distraction locations or extra time for test taking, adapted test formats, large print materials, text-to speech software, and more.

Read about Paulina and Taylor, just two of the more than 370 students that benefit from Access to Success. Then, click here to  help.


"PHSC has given me the opportunity and necessary skills to support my academic endeavors. Nonetheless, being born with Spastic Quadriplegic Cerebal Palsy has empowered me to achieve my academic aspirations; therefore my disability has not deterred my dreams of obtaining a college education. In fact, my disability has made me more determined and dedicated to get my college degree. Being at PHSC has given me the confidence to accomplish my goals despite people's disbelief. Additionally, the disabilities office at PHSC has given me the necessary tools and assistance to be successful each semester.

My future aspirations are to obtain a bachelor's degree in policy work/social work because I want to educate the disabled community that having a disability should not stop you from reaching your goals.


Getting my Associates Degree has always been a dream that I wanted to accomplish, however, math was always extremely challenging for me to grasp. hired a private tutor to help me understand the material, and would ask for help at the Academic Success Center. Even with these efforts I was receiving poor results. I decided to schedule the psychological testing with the help of Access to Success. The report came back stating that I had a learning disability in math. That day changed my life because it gave me the answer I had been seeking. I now feel a sense of relief because I know that math is not going to stop me from achieving my goal.

PHSC has boosted my confidence and provided me with a place to call home. I have learned to be an advocate for myself. Having a clear understanding of my academic accommodations has allowed me to experience great success in the educational setting."

Taylor G. in his own words...

"My journey at PHSC has been to acquire my AA degree and make new friends along the way. I have been doing that well so far and I know that I'll achieve my goal if I consistently go to school.

My favorite thing about PHSC is the teachers. They are kind, caring, and willing to answer any questions I have.

My dream is to make a feature length film based on the story of a book that I wrote, but if I don't get to that, then I want to be an English tutor in Japan."

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