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At Pasco-Hernando State College, there is no higher priority than the safety of our students, faculty, and staff. Considering the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, PHSC has taken significant steps to respond to our current reality and protect our campus communities, including transitioning to an online learning platform.

To help fulfill the immediate needs of our students, we have established the Support our Students (SOS) Fund, but we need your help! Your contribution will directly benefit PHSC students and provide relief for hardships, such as:

· Housing and food insecurity   · Technology needs to access virtual learning   · Limited income 

· Mental and emotional wellbeing   · Other unforeseen financial challenges


Your impact has made a difference:

Dear PHSC Foundation,

I am writing to thank you for granting me the SOS Emergency Relief Fund. I was very relieved and extremely grateful to learn that I was selected as the recipient of this fund. After the COVID-19 outbreak, I had lost my job and was worried about our financial status. This gift card has allowed me to pay bills, groceries, and some school supplies for my daughter for this upcoming school year. This unexpected pandemic put a lot of stress on my family and I wanted to take a second to show appreciation to all of the donors responsible for the SOS Fund. You have allowed me to be a little less stress in a very stressful time. Thank you PHSC Foundation. Rachel A.

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Before the pandemic, everything seemed normal. I had a job with kids and attended Pasco-Hernando State College. As the news started to worsen, I was laid off and switched to online classes. With no source of income, it was hard to keep afloat. People were catching this virus and it was surreal when a loved one was affected. The Support our Students (SOS) Emergency Relief Fund has influenced my family tremendously by helping put food on our table. Thank you to this Foundation and donors for making this possible! -The Certain Family



I am truly thankful and blessed to be able to receive the gift card. It has helped me through these hard and scary times.  It is a bit stressful and overwhelming at times. It is a scary time to leave the house and be around others. I live with my parents, their working hours and paychecks have been cut back. I am a full time student, so it is hard for me to help them out right now. With your help, I am able to get food and supplies. Your help has brightened my thoughts on everything. Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I really appreciate helping not just me but everyone. So many people deserve to be helped. This donation it will affect our lives in a great way. -Martha M.


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